Wednesday, June 10, 2015

R's Preschool Graduation

Today was Rylan's Pre School Graduation!!!
We are so happy he graduated from Preschool and is not a Preschool Drop out! (LOL, I may have to post about he threatened to be a preschool drop out earlier in the school year).

His little wave was so cute!!!!!

Summer Break Kickoff!

We started out summer off with National Donut Day! We went and got out Free Donuts and there was a radio station outside. Nenji spun the wheel and won us a free tickets to the movies!

I discovered that our public library has great programs for the kiddos! On this particular Saturday they were doing bracelets and paper guitars.

Enjoying our free ice cream from the library!
The library also has a summer reading program! The boys read 5 books and they got a free book from the library!

Done with 1st Grade!

Hooray. This was a big year. It was my first year in 1st Grade AND I finished my second year of BTSA! My last day of work was June 4th. We had a fantastic turn out for our Award Ceremony. My kiddos sang some songs we learned through out the year. They sang our Continent song, Ocean song, Parts of  plant, and What a Wonderful world.
This year was a tough year but it was all worth it when Parents and grandparents came to tell me how much improvement they've seen in their kids. Here  are a few pictures from our last day.