Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Birthday N!

I cannot believe my first baby turned 7 years old!!!
I do not feel like I am old enough to have a child that is 7 years old! It makes me realize how old I really am! 
This year he chose a POKEMON theme.
Thanks Aunty Kashia for making the birthday sign! It always looks amazing!
We are extremely grateful to have this little boy in our lives!
He is very self motivated, smart, silly, and his own ways. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Waiting for my Babies

My babies are growing up too fast. One night I was watching old video clips of them and just started crying like a crazy woman. If you know me well, I like for my kiddos to be independent. So I push them, and sometimes I push them a little too hard and they end up growing up too fast! But I'm learning to slow down and just enjoy them when they are young and when they still need me. 

This whole school year, I've been a taxi driver for my kiddos. I drive them to school and pick them up. Sometimes it drives me nuts with the waiting and rushing, but I am also glad to know that my kids know I will be there to pick them up when they are out of school.

Ok, this picture is kinda random, but it made me laugh.
One day Nenji got in trouble and he went to his room. When I went to check on him he left a note for the family. I just laughed so hard because I love finding notes from them, but this one was funny because he was mad. It says:
"Doing Homework. Do not bother. Not even a knock. You too Rylan"

Every morning I drop Nenji and Rylan off at school. And I swear, there's nothing like watching your baby walk like big kids to their class while you sit in the car and watch them walk away from you. I always have the urge to yell out their names and give them one big hug before they go off every morning. 
After we drop the older two off, Spencer and I drive to his school. We usually get there about 15 minutes early and wait inside the car. I really enjoy this time with Spencer because I just watch him explore the car. Sometimes I get back in the car and the heater is on full blast and realize he was playing with the knobs.

Anyway, one of the things that he has discovered is breathing on the window and then drawing pictures. I just love his little people that he draws. I am so amazed at how much he is learning. He just started school in November. I remember I asked him to draw a person and he just did scribbles....and then some more scribbles. Now 2 months later he can draw the cutest little potato people! 

He was pretty proud of himself. 

These two hearts were drawn by Nenji and Rylan as they got out of the car and went to school. I may or may not have cried a little as I drove away. I love them.  

And here is my Rylan. After I pick Spencer up from school, we rush home, eat lunch, and I put him down for a nap. Then I go and pick Rylan up. Sometimes he gets to play on the playground while we wait for Nenji to get out of school. (Kinder gets out about 15 minutes before everybody else). On this particular day we sat in the car and he just read to me. I loved it.

I am so proud of this little guy. Last year if you asked me, I would have said I was worried sick about him because he wanted to drop out of Preschool, be homeless, or be a farmer. Today he is top of his class! He's reading and writing like a pro! So proud of him!!!

So this is what my typical day looks like. I love that I am a stay home mom (and again, if you asked me 4 years ago if I would have enjoyed being a stay home mom, I would have said, "heck no"). I love that I get to spend so much time with my kids. I love that I get to watch them grow and learn. I love it that they know I will be there waiting for them. :)