Friday, May 22, 2009

Needles, Nurses and no sleep oh my!

Well, it has been quite a week for my little Nenji. Last Thursday he got his 2 month shots...3 of them to be exact. Then Fi Dan and I decided to go to Fresno because it was his little cousin's, Maykaylah, birthday (his family adopted her and she now lives with my in-laws). We promised that we'd take her to the beach for her birthday, and how could we break our promise? Well...we ended up breaking it anyway, cause we didn't take her to the beach. Fi Dan and I both decided we didn't want to travel 2 1/2 hours to the beach on a hot California day. We just ended up taking her to eat breakfast at Denny's, and then to Blackbeards where she played games and won prizes. We also got slushies...they are so delicious on hot summer days! Anyway, we went back to Sacramento that same day. Nenji was exhausted so I put him to bed. When he woke up later that night I noticed that he was really fussy and warm. I took his temperature and it was 100.04...:( I figured it was his shots and so I just gave him some Tylenol. In the morning he was still really fussy and warm. Needless to say, we eventually took him to the ER later that night around 7. They took his temperature and he was 103.5 degrees. I felt like such a horrible mother, I just wanted to break down and cry. They admitted us into the ER and we got our own little room. The man-nurse came and put an IV in Nenji's little hand...and cried for like 3 seconds and then was over it. They had to do some blood tests, urine tests, and then some chest x-rays on him. We were there from 7-2:30am and then they transfered us to another hospital.

This other hospital was much nicer and they had a section of the hospital just for kids. Nenji had his own little hospital bed...and there was a pull out chair for me and the floor for Fi Dan :( Nenji had a really high fever Monday and Tuesday. The nurses had to poke his spine to do a spinal tap to test the fluids. He was tested for bacteria and viruses but everthing came out negative. The Doctor noticed that Nenji's lips were really red (like he had just eaten a popsicle), his mouth was dry, his hands & feet were puffy, and his eyes were really pink. She finally diagnosed him with Kawasaki Disease. He didn't have all the symptoms but he had enough. Well, on Wednesday they put some medicine through his IV and then on Thursday he was feeling brand new! All week while he had been sick all he did was sleep and cry, and he'd hardly eat at all (which is not typical of Nenji at all). Thursday came and he was jumping and smiling and talking, even though he had lost his voice.

Anyway, we're back home and I am soooooo greateful that is all over with. Thanks to the prayers of our family and efforts of Doctor Boggle and Nurse Amy, Nenji is all good! He's back to eating 2 1/2 ounces per feeding and he's back to napping as well. He's so precious and I'm glad that nothing happend to him.

Fi Dan and Maykaylah...he's showing off his muscles...

Me and Nenji at the ER. They wrapped his arm so he wouldn't pull his IV out.

Kashia says he looks like Hellboy with his big arm. lol.

Grandma and Nenji...with all his little tubes...he's not feeling quite himself yet.

Here's Nenji with Nurse Amy. He's really cheesin'.
This was right before we were discharged, as you can see he's feeling all better.

Aunty Kashia and Nenji...we think he has Einstein hair.

Can you see why we call him Grandpa's partner?! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ahh! He's an amazing sleeper!

Nenji has been such an amazing sleeper! He hasn't quite gotten through the night just yet, but he's waking up only at least 2 times to eat and then he goes straight to sleep. Saturday night was his first night sleeping straight from 10pm-5pm! I woke up and felt like I had slept for 3 days! And in addition, he takes several naps through out the day. As a matter of fact, he's napping right now...and it's been about almost 2 hours. I'm sure he'll be waking up in a couple of minutes to eat though. Yes, but he's a great napper too. He'll usually wake up for about 30 min-1 hour and then go to sleep for an hour or two, and then repeat the process through out the day. And then I'm amazed that he can still sleep through the night. I guess he's got the sleeping gene from his mommy. :) Since he's been napping so much, I've decided that I need to start studying for the RICA, since I have yet to take it. I'm planning on taking it in August...and hopefully I'll only have to take it once. I've forgotten everything that I learned while I was in the credential program already.

Anyway, Nenji's growing everyday and he loves to talk and sing, espcially with his daddy. Sometimes they just sit in the room and I'll hear Nenji screaming cause his dad gets him so excited. I've got tons of clips, but unfortunately my computer crashed and I only have this really sloooowwww computer to work with. Hopefully I'll get my computer fixed soon so that I can post up pictures of Nenji and videos too!

Oh, and Susan, I miss you! I never got to say "Congratulations" "Congrats!" Please start a blog soon so that we can keep up with you too!