Friday, September 27, 2013

Laundry :)

I am getting the hang of doing laundry here. I am actually enjoying it and it's become apart of our morning routine! Right when I wake up I put a load of laundry in the washer. Then I make breakfast and we eat. After the boys (Daddy, Nenji and Ry) go to school, Spencer and I go out to hang the laundry. I love watching him in the morning sun just looking at the trees, lizards, bugs, and grass. I think the only part that I still really dislike about doing laundry is the FOLDING part. I hate that part!

Fun School/Mommy School & Our Ocean Unit so far

My boys are getting bigger and smarter everyday! They are always surprising me by how much they've learned! They go to school in the mornings from 8-12, come home and have lunch, then nap from 1-3 and then we usually do an activity or we do "Fun School/ Mommy School". I named it Fun School so that they would think it's fun. It's worked on Nenji but Rylan gets bored and he'll say it out loud too..."SIGH...This is boring mommy! It's not Fun School!" And then he'll lay on the floor and start rolling around. Oh my goodness...I can not wait to see how his Kindergarten teacher reacts to that! lol.

So right now we are learning about the ocean! They've mastered the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean but are still leaning the other oceans. I think they remember the Pacific and Atlantic because we live by the Atlantic Ocean and our family is back over by the Pacific. :) Today we made some "I See" books about the ocean and they did a really good job! And then my creative little Nenji made his own book. It was so sweet! :)

Hopefully this does not mess them up in the future. Not the best but hey, it'll do!

This was a sorting activity. They put the sea animals under the ocean and the land animals on the top. 

These are pictures of Ry's "I See" book. He's not quite finished yet. He only traced the letters and then told me that he was done for the day. :)

 This is Nenji's "I See" book. :) He LOVES drawing and coloring!

I LOVE his squid! I didn't even know he knew what a squid was or how to draw it!
And I love his little seaweed. 

One of my favorites...looks like a little sea-piggy. 

That is a pretty darn good starfish. My starfishes look a lot like that!

After we made our "I See" ocean books, he decided to make is own. So cute!

"I see a kid" 

How SWEET is that?!
Daddy, mommy, Nenji, Rylan, and Spencer. 
He says that Spencer has chubby cheeks and that's why his head is so big. hehe. 

Sneaky Spencer!

Look at this sweet face! I was laughing so hard watching him be sneaky! :)

Rylan was doing a puzzle and Spencer was secretly taking some pieces and putting them on the ground to play with them! I was laughing so hard because Rylan was so oblivious to Spencer and his sneaky little self! 

Ah-hah! Got them! :) I LOVE his face. 

Nenji came to help Rylan with the puzzle and finally caught little Spencer. :) haha. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My little helper!

Nenji has become such a great helper! Ever since he was a little baby, he always wanted to help wash the dishes, sweep the floor, etc. Now he's actually big enough to help out! Fi Dan and I always laugh because we always say, "Oh, now we see why Nenji was born first". He's super responsible and loves to help me out. So we say he has the "older brother syndrome".

 My silly Ry totally has the "younger brother syndrome". That's when they are care free, and a little lazy, and always in their own little world! You know what's funny....Nenji and Rylan totally remind me of Kalu and me! Yes, I am the younger sister and I am so much like Ry!

I am interested to see how Spencer will be...maybe he'll be like Kashia...which I like to call, "the little mouse syndrome". That just means they are REALLY in their own little world . :)

Sooo helpful! 

AND he helped wash Spencer's bottles too! :)

The only bad thing was that it took him forever to wash one thing!! But hey, I'm not washing them so I'm happy!

And this is what Rylan was doing...squishing ants and entertaining Spencer. 

And pretending to "ride a scooter".

Silly Ry. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gross and yet so sad...

I wasn't sure if I was going to post this, but I figured one day I'll look back and be glad that I did. Just for memory sake! It's really gross and really sad too. At our new house we always open our door because we have an awesome screen door and because it lets in a really nice breeze. Fi Dan opened the door this morning and said, "Oh my goodness! When did this happen?!" I was cooking so I didn't go look. I didn't think too much of it. When they were leaving to school I asked him what he was talking about he said, go look at the door. EEEKK!

I KNOW! GROSS! I don't know how long they've been there and there's 2 of them! Oh my word! A big one and little one on the bottom. 

A close up of the big one. 

And a close up of the small one.

After the initial shock of being grossed out, I started feeling REAL bad that these little creatures were squished. And we are not sure when it happened. I mean, wouldn't we have noticed if we shut the door and there was a little resistance...or the sound of tiny little lizards screaming?! 
I am actually starting to like these little critters because they eat the bugs and spiders at this house! And I actually saw a little lizard crawling around on the ceiling the other night and I thought to myself, "Awww, it's so cute. I hope it eats all of the spiders and finds his way out  and has a happy little life". No joking, that's what I thought. And now that might be him! So sad!

And you know what Fi Dan says to me after he gives me a good-bye kiss this morning? He said, "Oh, and be sure to scrape them off so that when people come over they won't be grossed out." 0_0
And yes, you can bet they are still just hanging out between the door and the door frame. :)

Snorkeling at Fort Shirley

Today is Wednesday, and that means Island Mommy Snorkeling day! Today we went to Fort Shirley, which is about a 10 minute drive from where we live. This snorkeling spot was amazing! There were so many school of fishes (schools of fishes?). We even saw a bunch of needle fishes! I was a little unsure about going out because it's a lot deeper than the other places that I've been. There were also a bunch of little jelly fishes! Yikes! I don't think I got stung, but right as I was getting out of the water, I sat on something that did sting my leg. Ouch! I had really bad welts on the my back leg for a couple of hours. Turns out I probably sat on some kind of Sea Anemone. My leg looked a lot like the one in the picture if you click on the link. Aside from that and Spencer crying his little heart out from missing me, it was so much fun! Can't wait for next Wednesday. :)

Charlotte and Tai with their babies!

Tai, Kasie, and me getting ready to snorkel! :)

Eeks! There were tons of little jellyfishes everywhere!!! I think I was trying to take a picture of one...unsuccessful! 

This picture reminds me of when Marlin and Dorie were in the ocean circling around forever...just in the deep blue ocean!

Look at all them fishies!!!

Pretty colors!

A TON of fishies!

A school of needle fishes!

An Astaphan bag. I just thought it was funny that I was seeing all of these beautiful sea creatures and then a yellow Astaphan bag. :)


I know I post pictures of these things ALL the time, but they really freak me out! They are HUGE! And they weren't too far from shore or from the surface of the water either!