Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ahh! He's an amazing sleeper!

Nenji has been such an amazing sleeper! He hasn't quite gotten through the night just yet, but he's waking up only at least 2 times to eat and then he goes straight to sleep. Saturday night was his first night sleeping straight from 10pm-5pm! I woke up and felt like I had slept for 3 days! And in addition, he takes several naps through out the day. As a matter of fact, he's napping right now...and it's been about almost 2 hours. I'm sure he'll be waking up in a couple of minutes to eat though. Yes, but he's a great napper too. He'll usually wake up for about 30 min-1 hour and then go to sleep for an hour or two, and then repeat the process through out the day. And then I'm amazed that he can still sleep through the night. I guess he's got the sleeping gene from his mommy. :) Since he's been napping so much, I've decided that I need to start studying for the RICA, since I have yet to take it. I'm planning on taking it in August...and hopefully I'll only have to take it once. I've forgotten everything that I learned while I was in the credential program already.

Anyway, Nenji's growing everyday and he loves to talk and sing, espcially with his daddy. Sometimes they just sit in the room and I'll hear Nenji screaming cause his dad gets him so excited. I've got tons of clips, but unfortunately my computer crashed and I only have this really sloooowwww computer to work with. Hopefully I'll get my computer fixed soon so that I can post up pictures of Nenji and videos too!

Oh, and Susan, I miss you! I never got to say "Congratulations"...so "Congrats!" Please start a blog soon so that we can keep up with you too!


  1. Remember Nenji is actually my kid. so you can come pick up Madison, she has be really fussy today.

  2. Wow Kalia! You are so lucky. Ezra used to do really well, but his surgeries have really thrown him off. I am happy to report that he regularly sleeps the night through now. 7:30 to 5, eat and go back to sleep for a couple of hours. It's so nice. I would love for him to nap like Nenji though.

  3. Hi Kalia, Congrats on your cute little family. Your baby is a doll. You look GREAT and I hope you are doing well. ;)

  4. Leng, Alayna and Ryu is visiting this weekend. Ryu is so cute! I'm trying to get him warmed up to me so I can squeeze his fat feet and hands without getting in trouble if he starts to cry. :) Miss Ya!