Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday My little Ry-bug!!!

I know it's late, but Rylan turned 1 last month!!! He is such a chunky monkey! We didn't do anything big but we did have a get together for him. My family, along with I-I, Ariadne, Cheng and her little family came to celebrate Ry's birthday. I made some delicious food from my new favorite recipe book...."Our Best Bites". I shared their link a few months back, but they came out with a book, and I just had to buy it. It was delicious! Kalu was also kind enough to make lasagna for us. It was a fun little gathering.

Rylan is now transitioning between crawling and walking. He prefers to hold someone's hand and walk. If you let go, he'll stand there and then sit down. Sometimes when he's not paying attention, he'll just stand up and walk around. He LOVES to smile, laugh, and play. He is probably the happiest little boy you'll ever meet. He weighs close to 28 lbs. He loves to snuggle at night and is starting to sleep through the night. Although he is happy, he's also very sensitive. If I try to discipline or use a stern voice with him, he gives me his sad puppy dog face and quivering lips and then he starts to cry REALLLLLLLY loud. I love him so much and is so blessed to have such a sweet boy as my own.

Happy Birthday my little Rylan Meejmom Lo! I love to you to pieces.

We love birthdays...because we get to buy the most delicious cakes!!!

Cream cheese stuffed, chocolate covered strawberries!

Yum! Stuffed mushrooms, lasagna, and artichoke dip!

Happy Birthday Rylan...and Nenji!
We're looking at Nenji because he thinks it's birthday too. :)
Look how happy my little Rylan is!

Yum! He gobbled this cake up. He really enjoyed it.

Happy Birthday my little Rylan!


  1. I am getting that recipe book for Mothers Day and one of the first things I wanted to try were the cream cheese filled Chocolate Strawberries. Yum!

    I can't believe Rylan weighs 28 lbs. Ezra only weighs 27 and that is fully dressed. I have such a skinny little guy though. Can't wait to meet your little ones!

  2. Oh I LOVE their website! Everything I've made from their website has been delicious!

    I also can't believe Rylan is already 1. He is the happiest baby! Everything just makes him laugh and smile. :)

    Happy (late) Birthday Rylan! :)

  3. I too want to buy their cook book. Have you noticed new recipes in their book that isn't on their website? I'm thinking I've never seen the cream cheese filled chocolate strawberries...that I must try.