Saturday, February 16, 2013

Small things in life that makes it sweet!

As you may know, Fi Dan is in the Caribbeans, so this year we didn't get to spend Valentines together. But he did make it up by sending me some goodies!  So unexpected and so sweet. Through the years my love for Fi Dan has grown so much! It use to be crazy teenage love and now it's something deeper than I can ever explain. It's only something that can be felt. :)

Goodies send from Fi Dan!

My boys are getting so big now! I love them and the silly things they say. Sometimes their craziness drives me NUTS, but overall they are good kids. They just know the sweetest things to say to me. Sometimes my Ry will just say, "Mommy I love you so much". It really just melts my heart. My Nenji said to me the other day, "Mommy you make my heart so happy. You are a special Mommy". He is so sweet.

Then there's my little Spencer. He has the sweetest little smile and he coos and talks like crazy! He's only a little big over 2 months but he sure has me wrapped around his little finger. Life has been
pretty crazy without Fi Dan, but I am grateful for this time that I can spend with my boys.

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