Friday, May 2, 2014

Beach, Sand, and good friends!

So far this break has been so much fun! We let our hubbies have the weekend to recover from their all nighters, but starting this week we've been having lots of fun! On Monday Taran and I went to Roseau to buy some much needed snacks for the kiddos! It was wonderful not having to worry about the kids! We rented a car and took our time walking down the streets of Roseau. But it was still kinda crazy because there were so many people there! None the less, I am still so grateful that our hubbies were willing to watch the kids and that we got some girl time!

On Wednesday we went to one of my favorite beaches on the island! And it's only about a 10 minute drive from our house! It's called Purple Turtle Beach. At this beach there are TONS of sand dollars. It's like Easter egg hunting down there! On this day the ocean was very rough and the ocean floor was tossing and turning! But we found 3 huge starfishes! We didn't get a picture of the biggest one, but it was so cool! The kids loved it!!!
Checking out the first starfish!

This was the 3rd one we found.

It's huge!

Amber and Taran playing a "minute to win it" game.

Seth and Doug going head to head. 

So funny!

Stanley all geared up for Elephant March. 

And he's off!

Michael playing with his "dreads"

So funny!

Knocking them cups over!

Aiden wanted to be like his daddy.

Today we went to Cocoa Cottages and Screw Spas. Cocoa Cottages was amazing! They are just little cottages in the middle of the beautiful mountains! It was so cozy and nice. Loved the natural feeling of that place. And the chocolate was amazing!

Here we are at Screw's Spa. This is a fun little place. Natural sulfur springs!

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