Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Diaper boy, birdie, silly boys

Rylan usually does pretty good about not wetting the bed. Unfortunately his record came to a haulting stop one day and he wet the bed EVERY NIGHT for almost 3 weeks straight. I could not figure out what happened. I tried everything from waking him up at night to use the bathroom, to threatening him, to encouraging him....nothing. So we resorted to diapers. He loved it! Not what I had in mind. He wore diapers for almost a week before Fi Dan convinced him he was too old to be wearing diapers to sleep. He's been doing a lot better and has only had an accident in the last month or so. But I just laugh at how happy he is with his diaper in this picture. 

This is a baby bird.We had our door open one day to let the nice breeze in and in few a little bird. 

It was just learning how to fly. It just sat on our porch for a good 10 minutes. They boys LOVED it!

Here my boys are after taking their shower one night. I swear, they say the funniest things sometimes! On this particular night, Nenji didn't want to wear his shirt. So he tried to convince Rylan to do the same. So he said, "Rylan, let's sleep with our shirts off to night so that we can sleep like real men".
I raised my eyebrow and just chuckled to myself. So silly.

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