Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My poor baby!

So my little guy had been constipated for 1 week...meaning no poopey diaper for 1 week. Fi Dan and were really worried about him, since we know how much poop he can have in just one day. Anyway, yesterday marked a week from when he had his last dirty diaper and I was really worried. Since Nenji doesn't have his Pediatritian yet I had to take him to the Emergency Room. It was the first and LAST time I will ever go to the ER. It was the worse experience ever! Nenji and I were there from 9:00-2:30...5 1/2 hours and 5 hours of it was just sitting around waiting. The nurse and doctor probably saw us for a total of 15 minutes...and then we just waited the rest of the time for the x-ray and suppository for Nenji. I felt so bad for Nenji because they kept poking him in his rear end to "stimulate" him. When they finally put the suppository in, he finally pooped! I never thought I'd be so happy to see him do a dirty diaper. :) The thing that sucked really bad though, was that it was freezing in the ER. Luckily I brought enough blankets to keep Nenji warm, but I was freezing! By the time I got home I was sick. :( I hate being sick, and thank goodness Fi Dan stayed home with me to help take care of Nenji. I feel like I can fall over any second now. Anyway, Nenji's story does not stop here. This morning he was crying because he was constipated and he was trying really hard to go, but nothing. The doctor said that we should try Prune juice, and so this morning we went and got some. We gave him about and ounce, and and hour later he had a big dirty diaper. My's kinda funny because in my family all we ever seem to talk about is when Nenji is going to have his next dirty diaper! Anyway, I'm just glad Nenji is okay and hopefully he'll be regular again soon.

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