Friday, October 9, 2009

Life in Provo

We've been in Provo for almost 2 months now and we're adjusting really well. Sometimes it's strange to be here in Provo, because it makes me miss college life and my college friends. :) Fi Dan has emerged himself in the MHP program and is doing really well. He's up all night studying, because that's the only time that it's quiet! Even though he has tons of homework and readings to do, he always sets time aside for Nenji. Nenji is doing quite well. I think he misses the family back in California. Now that it's just me, daddy, and him, he's grown quite attached to me. Before, when there were always lots of people around, he never really cared to look for me, now he keeps an eagle eye on me wherever I go.

He's now zooming around the house with in his walker. He's quite amazing actually. He loves to come into the kitchen area and watch me clean and cook, sometimes he'll even attempt to help me clean by taking the garbage out. Several times I've caught him dragging the garbage can across the kitchen. Sometimes I have to block him off from the kitchen while I'm cooking and he will just scream and yell at me because he's angry at me for blocking him. Whenever me or Fi Dan go to the bathroom, Nenji will follow us down the hall and wait for us to come out. Another thing that he likes to do, is watch TV...except when I'm not lookin he'll get two inches from the TV and just sit there and enjoy the entertainment. He is a joyful and very happy baby. When his daddy comes home, he gets so excited. He hugs his daddy and gives him kisses ( it's more like licking his face) but it's a sweet sight. He'll be 8 months on the 25th of this month. Fi Dan and I can't believe how big our baby is getting!!! I can hardly carry him around anymore, he's so heavy! Nenji does a lot of "talking" mostly he says "mamamamma" or "ddadada" so we've decided that he's saying "mama" and "dada". The only thing is that....he isn't sleeping through the night yet. :( Sometimes I only get a few hours of sleep...but he takes naps through the day, so that's when I catch up on my sleep too.

And for our other exciting news, Fi Dan and I are expecting again! I'm 13 weeks along now...and we still cannot believe that we're going to have another one already. Let me tell you, it was unplanned and a huge suprise, but we are happy and excited as well. Our due date is April 15, 2010. But there's a big dilemma because we're not sure if we want to have the baby here in Utah or if we want to go to California. Since the due date is so close to Fi Dan's finals, and we're planning on moving back to California in April....we're thinking it would be best if I went about a month or 2 before my due date and have the baby in California, that way there will be lots of people to help look after Nenji. The only downside is that Fi Dan probably won't be there for the delivery of the baby....and I've refused to be taped. So, things are still up in the air! We're just ganna have to pray and see what will be best. :)

Here's the new baby at 11 weeks. :)

Here's my little Nenji up by the Provo Temple.

Nenji and Daddy at Temple Square.

Mommy and Nenji at Temple Square during Conference weekend.

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  1. I am so excited for you! I know it was unexpected for you, but how fun to have two kids so close together. They will be such good friends, even if they fight a lot. My sister-in-law Dayna had an unexpected pregnancy and she will have two boys that are less than 13 months apart. I just think it will be so fun for them. I hope you are feeling well. I can't wait to see pictures of you pregnant again!