Monday, December 14, 2009


The people in our ward have been amazing! When they found out that Nenji had fractured his collar bone, the Relief Society Presidency called to make sure that everything was alright with us. They even set up meal plans for us so that we wouldn't have to cook. My visiting teachers were the ones who cooked for us. The first night we had tacos and the second night we had fish, rice and salad. Although Nenji wasn't suffering to the point where I couldn't cook, it was still so nice of them to bring over some food. Fi Dan and I joked that we would tell the Relief Society Presidency that we needed a meal plan for the week. :) I am so grateful to be living in an area where people are very thoughtful and kind. :) In return, I baked goodies for them. I made some thumb print cookies and chocolate truffles. Fi Dan loved the thumb print cookies and asked if we could just keep them. Of course I kept a few so that he could have some.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog until just today when you commented on mine! Thanks for commenting so I could have a link to your blog!
    Your poor little man...he seems like such a happy and good baby though. What a tough guy! It is so nice to have people around to take care of you-whether at home in California or in Provo surrounded friends-it is so great when people think of you! What a great ward you have.

  2. We were receipients of some of these yummy treats and are very grateful! Thanks for coming over! We'll have to do it again!