Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Okay, so I know the first month of the "new year" is basically over, but happy new to everyone anyway! Lots of things are happening. As of today I am 29 weeks and 3 days that means about 11 more weeks of being uncomfortable and fat...and until I see my little bundle of joy that likes to use me as a punching and kicking bag. :) I just took the gestational diabetes test 2 weeks ago and will know if I have diabetes at my next doctor's appointment. I am really crossing my fingers that I don't...but I'm not too sure, because tummy baby LOVES sweets. All that I really crave with this baby is sweets...cookies, ice cream, apple dumplings, oohhh....I think I'm going to have to get some sweets in a minute. He is very active and loves to stay up late. He starts to get really active around 9 pm and he doesn't stop until about 12am. When Nenji sits on my lap or leans against my tummy, little tummy baby will kick and push back. Oh boy, I hope that isn't an indication of how they'll get along when he comes out! But Fi Dan and I are very excited.
Oh, and I have decided to have the baby in California after all. The baby's due date is April 14th (which is also my dad's birthday) and that is the week before finals for Fi Dan. Fi Dan found an internship in California for the summer, so that means we'll be going back home for the summer. And so, we just figured it would be easier for us both and the babies if Nenji and I just went home a month early so that there could be people there to watch Nenji while I had the baby. And that way we wouldn't have to travel 12 hours across Utah, Nevada and California when the baby was only 2 weeks old. onto Mr. Nenji Lo. He is almost 1 year old! Yikes, already...I can't believe he's getting so big already. Only 1 more month and then my little man will be 1 ! :) He is such a joy to have in our lives. He just loves to make me and Fi Dan laugh. He is especially hilarious when he's ready to go to bed or when he's stayed up his bed time. We can tell he's going to be a really funny kid already.

Nenji stayed up past his bed time. As you can see he's laughing but he's also super grumpy. He's so silly.

He LOVES being around other kids and for some reason he also likes to climb on them and have them try to hold him up. He usually just ends up pinning the poor kid though. Nenji and I go to the Provo Library for reading time and he really enjoys that. We check out books and videos, but he just ends up reading his old books anyway. His favorite thing to do is spontaneously clap! I love watching "The View" or "Who wants to be a millionaire" with Nenji because whenever he hears the people clap he'll start clapping too. Nenji's favorite fruit is starwberries. He just learned how to feed himself a couple of weeks, which is good because I was a bit worried about his fine motor skills, but he seems to be doing pretty darn good now. His favorite songs are "I'm yours" by Jason Mraz and "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. He can just sit in front of the computer and watch those two videos on Youtube for hours (not that we've let him). He absolutely loves to slow dance with his dad when they're listening to music, it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen! We just enrolled Nenji in a swimming class a couple of weeks ago and he is doing a FANTASTIC job! Whenever we tell him we're going swimming or going to take a bath his waves his little hands around like he's splashing the water.

Anyway, that's about it for us. Fi Dan is doing well in the MHP program. He might be able to finish in December of 2010 instead of Winter of 2011, so we're happy about that. And as for me, I love being a stay at home mom/wife...most of the time. I just don't like the washing the dishes part. :) If we had a dish washer, life would be grand!


  1. Kalia, I'm so sorry that we didn't get to meet up for Christmas. It was pretty crazy and our internet connection was really terrible. Hopefully we can let our funny little boys hang out sometime soon!

  2. Love you Lia. I'm happy to hear you, Nenji, and Fi Dan are doing well. I am so envious that you will get to have your baby near family. My family's debating if they could come down at all just to see us when the baby gets here :( Love you lots. Take care.

  3. SO I just saw your blog and what an amazingly cute family you have! How exciting! Congratulations on everything! We're in Salt Lake if you need anything, let me know.