Friday, June 11, 2010


I do apologize for not bloggin lately, but as you can imagine, it's been CRAZY with two little ones. :) Rylan Meejmom Lo was born April 18, 2010 at 3:15pm. I was in labor for only 6 hours this time, and it felt like a walk in the park compared to when I had Nenji! He was 7 lbs and 9oz, and 20 inches long. :)

Rylan is a sweet heart. He is now 1 month and 3 weeks today! He loves to smile and cuddle with anyone that is willing to hold him. He is a lot more demanding and impatient than Nenji ever was, Fi Dan thinks that Rylan is going to take after me. :)

Anyhow, Nenji is doing great! He is now 16 months now. He is sooooo grown up and curious. He loves to bother his cousin, Maddy, and he absolutely LOVES his dada. Nenji loves to watch music videos on youtube. He also likes to sing and dance. Whenever he hears music he just can't contain himself, his little body just has to "move it, move it." (One of his favorite songs to dance to is Move it, move it from Madagascar).

Fi Dan and I are doing well. It's a BIG help having family help out. Kalu and Maddy often come over to hang out with us, and Kashia is always willing to help out with the babies. :)

We'll be here in Californa until late August, and then it's back to Utah!


  1. Congrats! I have been anxiously waiting for this post. Rylan is adorable and Nenji looks so big. I am going to be in Utah for August and the first part of September and think I will be heading up north for the end of August or the first part of September. We will definitely have to get together.

  2. Awesome, Congrats! It is exciting having families of our own now! We just had a new baby boy also recently... Our first~ Stop by and say hi!

  3. Thanks for the update finally! No, I understand. It is busy trying to figure out how to live with 2 babies! Rylan is so cute, and such a cute name! Congrats!