Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back in California!

Nenji and I have been in California for over a month now. I know the original plan was to wait until March 9th, but on February 10th, Nenji and I came to California! It's been very different having to learn how to not have Fi Dan around all the time. It sure does make me appreciate and love him more than ever. He just came to visit me and Nenji last week, and boy was it great to have daddy around! Fi Dan will be coming back again to California when I have the I've been hoping to pop tummy-baby out soon! And then he will be home for good on April 23rd. Can't wait to have him here with me and the babies!

My family has been a great help. My parents have slept with Nenji a few times to give me a break. Kashia has been a tremendous help with Nenji, she's practically his second mommy. Kalu and Maddy have also been big helpers. Kalu and Maddy come over almost everyday to just hang out with me and Nenji, which I'm very grateful for because it makes the day go faster.

Maddy and Nenji are so cute together. I call her Mother Maddy because she loves to baby Nenji even though he's bigger than she is. She gets his bottles for him, brings his dirty bottles to the kitchen, she brings him food and water, and she finds his blanket for him when he's sleepy. She is going to be a GREAT older sister....and mother some day. I am very grateful for my family and I feel very blessed to have them helping me out! :)

Here's my handsome little man.

Happy St. Patty's Day! Mommy made green french toast!

Poor Maddy Paddy, Chuckeecheese came out and scared her. :(

Here's my brave little man! I have to admit, Chuckee is pretty scary in person!

Here's daddy and Nenji. I love these two soooooo much!

This was Nenji's favorite thing to ride while we were there.

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