Sunday, February 20, 2011

What we've been up a nutshell!

So we're back here in California now. We've been back since December 18th. The kids, Aunty Kashia, and I flew into Las Vegas and stayed the night at my cousin Susan's house. I'm so glad that we did, because it was nice to just visit her. :) Flying was the kids wasn't too bad. Nenji was absolutely ecstatic that he was actually flying on an airplane and actually cheered while we were taking off. He slept most of the time the airplane was in the air. Rylan did alright, he stayed up most of the time and smiled, laughed, and flirted with people on the air plane...which was fine, I was just really glad he didn't cry!
Here are some pictures of when we were in Las Vegas.

Here we are in Vegas with Susan! So glad we went to see her. :)

Nenji LOVED the aquarium.

He's so handsome. :)

Look how happy they are! I was so glad that everything went well.

In January, we went down to Fresno for Maykaylah's sealing. She was so excited. I can't believe how much she's grown already! She is one smart cookie, and I'm glad that things have worked out the way it has. We are lucky to have her in our lives. :)

Maykaylah's sealing.
My first time at the Fresno Temple, simple, small, yet beautiful!

Me and Maykaylah

The brothers and Maykaylah.

One of Nenji and Rylan's favorite thing to do is go into Grandpa's room and dance to his singing. My dad plays the guitar and they just jam out to his singing. It makes me laugh. :) And we are so glad to be back with Maddy Paddy! Nenji and Maddy butt-heads a lot, but they love each other too. It's a love hate relationship. Maddy and Rylan on the other hand, get along just fine. Maddy LOVES Rylan and mothers him. :)

Max (Fi Dan's younger brother) is going to California State University of Sacramento, and plays for the Club Volleyball team. We've been going to watch the team play, but they have been on a losing streak. :( They aren't bad, but I think they just need to work together more. Anyway, good luck to them!

Me and the boys at Sac State

Daddy and the boys!

Nenji loved the River.
I get nervous standing on the bridge.

Go Uncle Max! His team is to the left in the white.

My boys....I love them so much!!!

Look at my Ry! He's 10 months now, so handsome and chubby!


  1. 1. I am so happy to see you posted something :)
    2. I miss you lots
    3. Nenji is looking more and more like Fi Dan! And Rylan is getting so big! Oh goodness!
    4. I'm glad your move went smoothly :)
    5. I'm so jealous you're in the sun and the warmth... We just got a ton of snow last night.

    Love you guys!

  2. I love the video of the boys dancing!