Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Nenji Jaxeem Lo!

My little Nenji turned 2 on February 25th, and we celebrated his birthday today with friends and family! My in-laws came all the way from Fresno to join us. Many of our relatives and church friends came to celebrate as well. This year we decided to do "Thomas the Train" theme, since he's been so obsessed with it! Fi Dan and I decorated the kitchen the night before and when he woke up this morning, he was so excited. It was like Christmas morning all over again! :)

Nenji shouting, "Horay! Happy Birthday!"

Thomas the Train!

His face says it all!

For Nenji's birthday, I decided that I wanted to make him a cake. I've always imagined I would be a decent cake decorator...and that thought was definitely put to the test. The baking turned out good, as expected, but the icing, assembly, and decorating of the cake gave me a hard time. In the end, I was happy with the outcome and so was Nenji! That's all that really mattered. When I heard his little voice say, "Thomas Train!" while pointing to the odd-shaped cake, I was happy he recognized it, and rather proud of myself. :)

My masterpiece! ;)

Anyhow, I had been asking him all week, "Nenji, how old are you?" And now he can answer back, "two"...while holding all his fingers...we'll be working on finger counting next! We also practiced blowing out the candle, and he did a fabulous job of blowing out the candle all by himself.

He's so funny. He was really blowing..let's say more than just air!

Nenji and Maddy!

We hired a juggler! :D
My beautiful little Rylan. So ready to celebrate!

♥ my little family so much!!!

Fi Dan and I are so blessed to have Nenji and Rylan in our lives. Sometimes I still cannot believe that I am a mommy of 2 beautiful little boys. I truly am so lucky! :)


  1. SO CUTE!! And oh my gosh your cake was amazing!!!

  2. You did a wonderful job the cake. The boys are getting so BIG! Happy Belated birthday Nenji!