Saturday, April 9, 2011

Joyce Hnub Ci Lor

Our family has been blessed with another little angel! I'm a few weeks late, but it's better late than never! Kalu had her beautiful little baby girl on March 18th (just 4 days after Aunty Kalia's birthday :D). She was 6 lbs and 3oz, I think. She came out with a bunch of hair....and just perfect too. She has the sweetest, tiniest little face ever. I love going over to Kalu's house to hold her. Nenji LOVES and adores her too. He always wants to give his little cousin kisses. Rylan on the other hand, hardly ever notices baby Joyce. The only time he did was when he wanted me to hold him and then he flipped out because I was preoccupied. I love holding little Joyce, but does it make me want to have another one anytime soon? Nope, I am good for now. I think Fi Dan and I will wait for a few more years. I'm happy with my boys. :)

So, Welcome little Joyce! We're glad you're finally here.

I know, this isn't Joyce, but Nenji is too funny
He is always trying to impress Maddy now.
Here he is singing to her while she eats a cookie.

Nenji giving cousin Joyce a kiss.
As you can tell, from my face,
I'm making sure he doesn't kiss too hard.

Sweet little Joyce.

I LOVE her!!!

Look at the face. She's so precious!

Nenji getting a peek at Joyce. :)


  1. How fun! I totally thought YOU were the one who was pregnant at first and it totally surprised me. *haha* Congratulations to your sister! :)
    (Maddy is getting to be such a pretty little girl! I love her hair! And Joyce is a cutie too)

  2. She is beautiful! I actually got to see Kalu and meet her family on Sunday...SO PRECIOUS! :)