Thursday, April 7, 2011

Old Sacramento and 1 year older!

I love living in California....and living close to Sacramento! We don't go to Old Sacramento much, but I LOVE it when we do! We took the boys out to Old Sac a few weeks ago and they had so much fun. We went to eat at Round Table Pizza, and walked a round for about an hour or so. They boys really enjoyed all the people who were there that day. Lots of people did a double take at the boys and asked if they were twins. Really?! I realize that Rylan is a big boy...but they don't even look that much alike. Fi Dan and I just looked at each other and laughed.

Yum! Pizza!

In front of the Delta King...someday I'd like to have dinner on it...
Birthday request for next year!

This one's for Nenji...trains!!!

I love when people are nice and they take family pictures for us!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me! One year older and wiser too! Thanks to all my friends and family who wished me a happy birthday on my Birthday. It was quite a relaxing and special day. That morning I went to an interview. When I got home, Fi Dan and the boys took me out to eat Thai food! So yummy! Then we went and got a cake from Freeport Bakery. My new favorite bakery!!! My family came over and we had Panda Express and Pizza Guys for dinner. So good! And then we had cake! My favorite part of my birthday was when my family sang to me...not because I like people singing to me, but because Nenji was standing by me and he had the silliest smile on because he thought everyone was singing to him. That was definitely my favorite part! I wish we could have gotten it on film because his face was priceless. Right when my family started to sing...Nenji just smiled from ear to ear the whole time. I love my little family and family for being so wonderful and making life great!!!

It's blurry, but this was his silly smile.

Nenji is such a big helper. Look at his lips...
ready to help mommy!

I love them!!!!


  1. Happy birthday Kalia! You are such a wonderful mommy to your boys. You should definitely think about getting a year pass to the train museum in Old Sacramento. If we had stayed longer I would've done that for Gavin because he loves the place.

  2. Wait, wait, wait. First of all I LOVE Freeport bakery, it's actually close to my house! Second of all, how did I miss that you moved back to Cali? I thought you were in Utah? Where are you living? That's so exciting! I hope one day to meet your dang cute boys :)

  3. Kalia,

    We are moving back to California next month. We actually won't get to Gridley until mid June, but I will finally be close enough to you to let Ezra play with your boys! I can't wait.