Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Growing up too fast!

My little Spency is growing up TOO fast! I don't know if it's because I know he could possibly be my last baby, but I just want him to stop growing! He JUST learned how to start crawling about 1 week ago and he's doing so well! He crawls with only one knee on the floor and really just scoots. He crawls just like how Rylan did when he was younger. He's also not as naughty as Nenji was but he still has his moments. Here's one of them.
Yup...trying to climb the coffee table at 10 months old! 

That's his little "oops, am I in trouble?" face. 

He's so cute. He LOVES to draw just like Nenji and Rylan. 

Just looking at their drawings. 

I just love Rylan's face in this picture. 

Spencer started standing before he started crawling. A lot of times he'll pull himself up and just stand for a really long time (15 seconds) before he sits down. I just LOVE it when he does that. Such a big boy already!

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