Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 2013 Kids Fest

Happy belated Halloween! So this post is actually from 2 weeks ago. Every semester the Ross Spouse Organization puts on a kid's fest for the kids! It's great! Last semester we couldn't go because the boys got sick. Thankfully this semester they were all healthy! This semester's theme was Halloween! Here in Dominica they do not celebrate Halloween so it was so hard to find any kind of costumes for them. I even had to go ALL the way to Roseau to find good enough fabric to sew with! I originally wanted to make their costumes out of felt, but the felt was SO expensive (29 EC per yard...$10.00 US per yard). 

Anyway, I found another kind of fabric that worked just fine! The boys were super happy with the outcome and thought I was super cool. :) Nenji was Wolverine and Ry was Iron man. Spencer was Superman and I was Snow White. Fi Dan happen to be in his nice clothes so I said he dressed up as Clark Kent. 

Nenji, Rylan, and their very good friend, Ryder!

My little super man and me. 

Daddy and Spencer.

My silly little man! I made his costume too. I took one of Rylan's old Superman shirt and cut out the symbol and sewed it onto a onsies. I had extra red fabric from Ry's costume and made a little red cape for Spencey. 

Little Wolverine playing with the props. 

My I WISH he was wearing the awesome gloves that I made him with little claws and all. 

My little Ironman showing off his gloves. 

Pin the eye on the Jack-o-lantern. 

Rylan is WAY off! Haha, he's so funny. 

After he pinned it he took the eye off and placed in the right spot. He's so silly!

Fishing for goodies!

Costume fashion show. :)

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