Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 6, 2013

December 6 was a very busy day! The morning started off with me taking the boys to school. 
In the morning there was a baby shower for a few ladies in the Branch. So we went to that. Then around 11 am The Prep School that Nenji and Rylan goes to put on a Christmas Program. It was great! They did so well! Rylan and Nenji are in a hip-hop/break dancing class and they performed. The boys did such a good job! They stole the show!!!

Later on that night we celebrated Spencer's birthday! I cannot believe my little boy is already 1! The year went by SO fast! 

Getting ready to go to school!

My handsome boys!

"Pee in the Can" game.  You have to put a ball between your legs, walk across the room, and drop it in the can. Haha! So much fun! This is my friend Taran. :)

The Lovely Lindsay. :)

There was a rainbow that morning!

The Christmas Program.

There's Rylan peeking out at me!

Here's Nenji. 

My boys. Love them!!!

Little Spencer ready for his cake!

Love his SMILE!!!!!!

Faking laughing.

Wondering what in the world that is. 

Eww...that is interesting. 

Here is their hip hop performance. 

Rylan singing! I know the quality is BAD, but you can hear his sweet loud voice! Love it!

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