Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tocari Beach Day

On Saturday (December 14) we went on a Family Snorkeling day to Tocari Bay. It was about a 20 minute drive from campus. We had a really good time with all of the families that went with us. 

If anybody knows Rylan...you'll know that Rylan and any kind of masks do NOT go together. His masks are always covering both or one eye. He's always squinting...and telling me that his mask is hurting him. Even his Halloween masks that I made for him did not fit him right. LOL, so this is a classic picture of Rylan. :)

Me and my baby getting ready to soak up some sun!

Goggles, swimming trunks, floaties....ready!

Daddy and Spencer. 

My Nenji...enjoying the Caribbean Ocean. 

Daddio and the boys. 

Mama and the boys. 


Me showing Fi Dan how to dive. 

Toes in the sand. 

Love his toes. 

Daddy and Spencey Wencey. 

The Lo Family!

I don't know WHY I never recorded my snorkeling adventures before! Fi dan is a genius! 

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