Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My poor Rylan

These 3 pictures are very typical Rylan! He's always getting things stuck. He got his knee stuck in the gate one day and I seriously thought we would have to saw one of the railings off. On this particular day he got his necklace stuck on his head. Since this was not life threatening, I grabbed my camera for memory sake!

He was trying really hard. 

A face of panic! No worries, seconds after this picture was taken his necklace slipped off his head. 

I think it's pretty safe to say that Spencer has a favorite brother. On this day, Spencer climbed the couch and then climbed onto Nenji's lap and just sat there and watched TV. It was SO cute. I grabbed the camera and took some pictures. So Ry wanted a picture of him and Spencer too, but Spencer would have none of it. He would climb over to Rylan and then quickly climb back to Nenji. Look at his Ry's sad little face. 

"Come on Spence, come sit on my lap!"

"I want to HOLD you!" After this picture was taken he cried and gave me a hug and then said, "Mommy, you need to have a baby girl so that I can hold her!" Oh, my poor Rylan. I love him! 

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  1. Oh Ryry <3 He needs to come back here so I can love him!