Saturday, March 8, 2014

Whale Watching Trip...kind of

So these pictures were actually a while ago. Every Ross offers the opportunity for students and families to go whale watching. We finally signed up this semester! I was so excited! The best part was that the dock was right in Portsmouth...a 3 minute drive! It was a beautiful day and the boat we were in was amazing. I think it was more of a yacht. The boat ride was fine, Rylan and I got seasick but everyone else was fine. And did we see any whales? NO. Sad, but I think I might make Fi Dan take us again next semester. It is a little pricey though, but fun. And we went with some of our good church friends. :) 
Portsmouth Bay looking out to Fort Shirley.

Fi Dan and Zach. 

The boat.

I loved feeling wind in my face!

Spencer and Camden. :)

Captain Nenji!

Me, Whitney and our boys.

My handsome hubby and boys.

Lo Family!

Love these girls. 

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