Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

 This Thanksgiving was so much fun! My sister, Kalu, and her little family came and spent the week here in Sacramento. So much fun!
But we started off with Elf on the Shelf coming to stay with us!
Here is Nenji and Rylan opening the mail with a letter from Santa, arriving "Pip the Elf"'s arrival.
A few nights later, Kalu and her family were here and we put up our Christmas tree!
Kashia and Makoto took charge and did a majority of the work.

That sneaky Pip! How did he get on the tree?

My baby Spencer being SO helpful!

Rylan sitting next to Pip...and trying really hard not to touch him.

Pip was flying all over the place and the kiddos freaked out every time they turned and saw him. Lol. So much fun. I even scared Kalu a few times.

Sending Uncle Ben and Aunty Marilyn a message.

Oh my goodness, these rolls were SOOOO yummy, made by yours truly.

I am so happy here because it took her 2-3 days to even look at me. I was the first one she came to!
I love her. She's such a doll!

We decided to do Spencer's birthday last minute because we wanted Kalu and her family to be here.

Happy Brithday my little Spencer!

I made the minions our of construction paper and also Spencer's name banner.
Kashia made the Happy Birthday sign.

This little potato has a habit of putting things over her head. Of course, right after I took the picture took the bag away.  

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