Thursday, July 16, 2015

Keeping Away the Mushy Summer Brains!

The week I got out of work for summer school, I immediately started to look for summer day camps for the boys! I knew they would get bored and then  the fighting and yelling would start! Well, the yelling part is me, not really them. 
Anyway, I found a summer day camp for the boys and they loved it! However, they went for only 1 week because I signed them up for only 1 week. I wasn't sure if they were going to like it but by the time we figured out they really liked it, it was too late. :(

But it was good while it lasted. Anyway, after summer camp they spent most of their time watching TV....movies....and my computer. Yeah, I could see their brains becoming mush. And then I read this article about how kids spend WAY too much time in front of the screen. I know that these articles are written with good intentions and to educate, but mostly they make me feel like a lousy mother!

So then I read another article written about a mom and how she allows umlimited screen time by offering unlimited screen time IF her kiddos finish their "To Do" list. Genius!!!

I thought this was so smart! I truly believe that it has helped my boys and now they see using electronics as a privilege, something that they need to earn and not just get because they want it. Plus they are motivated to get their reading, writing, math and chores done so that they can earn their screen time. 

Here is my "To Do" list. 

They have actually become really good about making their bed. 

Building something....a part of their creative play. 

20 minutes of reading. Nenji reads independently while I work with Rylan on his sight words and decodable books. 

Onto writing and math. 
Nenji has to write 5 or more sentences about anything he wants. 
Lately he's been writing about his Pokemon cards and his favorite ones. 

Rylan practices his penmanship and writes his sight words 5 x's each.
Sometimes I have him CVC words and have him spell it out. 

More Creative Play. 

Spencer playing. Spencer also does read. He's learned a few of his ABC's already! So proud of my boys! 

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