Wednesday, August 5, 2015

South Lake Tahoe Family Getaway

South Lake Tahoe holds such a special place in my heart! The first time that I went there was with a hula group that I was dancing with. We were actually staying in a cabin in Kyburz, but drove out to S. Lake Tahoe to eat breakfast at a restaurant called, "Freshies". It was so yummy!

A few months later Fi Dan and I were married and we had our honeymoon there! I took him to eat at Freshies and we had a good time. However, about half way through our honeymoon there were really bad forest fires. I remember we went kayaking and there were huge pieces of ash falling down from the sky. So we ended up staying in our hotel the rest of the time.

A few years later my little family, mom and dad, Kashia, and Kalu's family went up to S. Lake Tahoe for a family trip! It was so much fun.

This month after FI DAN PASSED HIS TEST, we decided to take a little family trip to S. Lake Tahoe. It was so much fun! 

We went bike riding. 
Good thing I had been working out because I had the little bike trailer with Spencer and Rylan sitting in it. Fi Dan had the double bike and Nenji rode with him. 

The Ice Cream Parlor  

Taking a little break before heading back on our bikes.  

My favorite road. Ski Run Drive. When you drive down this road you can see all of S. lake Tahoe and it is SO pretty!  

Daddy and the boys.  

Mommy and her boys.  

His mini-mes. 

Lo Boys  

Emerald Bay  

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