Friday, May 20, 2016

Riding Bikes

Here in Bakersfield there are a ton of parks, and I do not exaggerate. There is literally a park in every single neighborhood and they are big nice parks too. The boys love going to the park but it gets pretty hot here so I am not the best at taking them. Heck, I didn't even take them out much when we lived with my parents and there was a park right across the street from their house.

Anyway, we found a park close to our house that is pretty shady and has a lot of sidewalk. We bought all 3 of the boys bikes and they love riding their bikes! Nenji and Rylan are both riding without training wheels and Spencer just went from a tricycle to a bicycle with training wheels. 

It's one of their favorite things to do here when we have free time....or when mommy is up for it. :)

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