Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fun Weekend

On the weekend of Mother's Day, my parents came down. The boys were so excited and had a movie night and tried to stay up until my parents got into town. But they didn't get here until 12:30 am. The boys made it until 11 pm. 
In the morning they woke up and saw my parents but instead of excitedly running to them to give them a hug, they just said, "Oh, hi". BOYS!!! They really don't show any emotion even at their young age. 

That day my parents took the boys to LA to visit their Uncle Ben and Aunty Marilyn. And they decided to stay the night there.

So what did we do? We went movie hopping! Just kidding. We paid for both the movies.
We watched The Huntsman and Captain America.

Then we decided to just go to Fresno to visit. It was great. I love my kids but I forgot how great it is to just be spontaneous and do whatever the heck you want and pick up and go wherever you want!

We came home that same night and just hung out.
The next morning we slept in (which was amazing!) and got the house cleaned before the boys and my parents came home.

At the movies.


My parents bought the boys sunglasses and they thought they were soooo cool!

Eating at Uncle Ben and Aunty Marilyn's 

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