Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016

I love my family! I love when they come and visit our family and when we get to spend time together. 
During the 4th of July weekend my sister, Kashia, came to visit us. We didn't do anything but it was so nice to just have her there and laugh and talk to her. 

Aunty Kashia and the boys

During the week of July  17-23 my awesome mom came and stayed with us for a week! It was wonderful! I got to sleep in and didn't have to cook much while she was here. I love my mom. It was nice to just talk to her and spend time with her. And Kysen loved her! He would just coo and smile at her. I now call her the "Baby Whisperer".

After my mom stayed with us for a week I decided that we needed to go stay with my parents in Sac for a week. Plus the hubby needed to study for a big test and so my parents came and drove us up. But we stopped in Fresno and visited my in-laws.

Kysen at 1 month and Ren at 3 months!!! Sooo cute! 

I sat in the back with these kids and they drove me crazy! One would be singing, the other would be talking or vise versa. But it was kinda interesting. 

We got to my parents house and the boys were so happy! They felt like we came home.  

My cousin I-I and Cheng came to visit. It was so good to see them.  
Baby Kysen LOVED his Aunty I-I. 

My babies sleeping.  

Oh and of course, I met up with Diane and Monica while I was in Sacramento! Seriously, these two girls help keep me from going insane. We get to vent and just laugh and talk about life. It is so therapeutic to have such good friends and the yummy food that we eat at the restaurants  are pretty good too! I still thank God all the time for putting these two ladies in my life! 

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