Sunday, July 10, 2016

Baby Kysen

Our little bundle of joy is finally here! He was born on June 24th!
I am so glad that he came safely and we have him safe in our arms. 

Kysen's birth story is kinda funny and a bit traumatic when I think about it.
The day before he was born I went and saw my OBGYN. I discussed possibly getting induced because the following week the hubby had the week off. She wasn't too comfortable with the idea, so she offered to strip my membranes instead. I was pretty disappointed, because I thought for sure that wasn't going to work for me. After she stripped my membrane I started to have some braxton hicks contractions but nothing serious. I went home and took the boys to their dentist appointment. I did some research about the percentage of women going into labor after getting their membranes stripped. The percentage wasn't something that I was too impressed with. That night before I went to sleep I went and used the bathroom and saw a lot of brownish spotty discharge. But nothing too alarming. No bloody show or anything like that. So I went to sleep.

Around 3 am I woke up to a strong contraction. And then another on. But it wasn't very consistent. So I forced myself to go back to sleep. But I was hoping that the contractions would get stronger. So I just laid in bed timing them. There seemed to be more contractions but again not very consistent. Fi Dan woke up around 4 am and I told him about the contractions but we didn't think much of it and he left to work. And I just laid in bed timing my contractions. Then around 6 am they started to get pretty consistent and they started to get pretty painful. So I figured I should get up and take shower. I thought I should do my hair so that I don't look gross in my after birth pictures. Now thinking back on it I have no idea what I was thinking. I am pretty sure I was even planning on putting some make up on! But while in the shower my contractions were so painful that I had to just stand and breath through them.

Finally around 6:30 am I texted Fi Dan and said that my contractions were still going and that we probably needed to go to the hospital. I called my mom and mother in law to let them know that we were probably going to go to the hospital. Fi Dan couldn't get out until 7 am and wasn't able to get home until 7:30. By that time I was dying. 

The boys were up by then and kept trying to talk to me but every sound they made made my contractions hurt even more. So I just had them go play in their room until their dad came. I texted my friend and asked her if we could drop the boys off at her house. Thank goodness for her!

So when Fi Dan got home he was pretty excited and chirpy and kept singing and whistling, don't ask me why, but that made me so mad that I was going through all this pain and here he was happy as could be. Let's just say I wasn't very nice to him. He was pretty surprised at how grumpy I was. He started fixing breakfast for the boys when a super strong contraction came and then I knew we needed to get to the hospital. We grabbed their breakfast, my bags and left. We dropped the boys off at my friend's house around 8 am and drove to the hospital. It was about a 15-20 minute drive. LONGEST and most painful drive of my life.

I wanted to die. Not kidding. The contractions were so painful. We finally go to the hospital and thank GOODNESS there was free valet parking. The valet guy brought me a wheel chair and Fi Dan wheeled me to the ER. The guy nurse took one look at me and I saw the panic look he had on his face, which made me even more nervous! 

I had 2 really bad contractions while waiting in the ER for someone from maternity to come get me. I almost started crying and yelling because the contractions were so painful. Finally the lady from maternity came and wheeled me up and while in the privacy of the elevator I started crying. Ugh. We went to the front desk and they tried to ask me some questions but I couldn't answer because the contractions were so painful. I was pretty grumpy too. They asked me if I could stand and I kept saying, "No" and as hard I tried not to mean, I am pretty sure I gave a few dirty looks to them while they were asking me questions. At one point they needed my birth date and the hubby said....1984? Right? I almost lost it right there....Again, I have no idea why I was so mad, well probably because I was in a lot of pain and then I was annoyed that he didn't remember my birthday. 

Anyway, they could see that I was in a lot of pain and quickly wheeled me to the birthing room. By that time it was 8:30ish. I got a gown on and climbed onto the bed. By that time my contractions were so bad and so close together that I desperately was hoping I could get an epidural. I asked and they said, "No, it's too late honey". The nurse checked me and said, "She's complete". What? What did that mean? I soon realized I was already 10 cm! On my goodness, at this point I started to cry because I started to think about the pain of pushing the baby out. That freaked me out and it made the contractions worse. I can't remember much at this point because my contractions were coming so often that I just had my eyes closed and I just kept trying to breath through it.

After about 15 minutes of dying of painful contractions I suddenly felt a lot of pressure. I knew it was time to push. But I also knew the nurses were not ready. And just like in the movies, I screamed and yelled and told them that the baby was coming. They told me not to push yet,but I could not control it. I just remember there being a lot of frantic movements and someone calling for a "baby catcher" to come quickly because the baby was coming. 

As soon as the Dr. got there and they got me on my back I just remember yelling and pushing once, and they said they could see the baby's head. And then they told me to push one more time and then he just slid right out. And after that, there wasn't anymore pain! It was amazing. I was back to my normal nice self and even said thank you to everyone. Ugh, and I immediately felt bad for being so mean to my hubby. 

So I was in the labor room for only about 20 minutes and then the baby was there. Crazy.I am just so grateful hat I didn't have this baby in the car. If we had waited any longer, there was a good chance I could have given birth in the car. 

But our baby boy Kysen is here and I am so happy!!!

Super hairy little baby. 

My babies

Kysen was actually admitted into the NICU for a few days because he needed to get some antibiotics. Saddest few days of my life. 

Yay, finally coming home!

Kysen is 2 weeks old and we love him so much!!!!!!!
He is a pretty good napper and sleeper. So mommy has been able to get some sleep. Thank goodness! 

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