Thursday, March 26, 2009

Favorite TV shows

Now that I'm not going to school anymore....or working at the moment, the highlight of my day is when Fi Dan comes home and TV! I love to watch Biggest Loser. It's amazing to see the transformation that happens. Fi Dan and I want to be on that show someday. LOL, totally kidding. But seriously, we have been meaning to go on a family diet and sign the whole familia up for the gym. I use to be a faithful "John and Kate plus 8" watcher, but that was when we had cable. Now that we don't, my other favorite show is American Idol! I think this season is awesome!!! I absolutely love Danny Gokey and hope that he wins! He totally rocked last week with the song "Jesus take the wheel" by Carrie Underwood. He gave me chicken skin. This week, eh, he did okay. But Adam Lambert was amazing last! He was my favorite for motown night. I'll have to include the videos of Danny and Adam so that I can come to my page and watch it. :)

*Okay, maybe I won't post the videos since I don't know how. The videos are on youtube if you'd like to watch them!

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