Monday, March 23, 2009

New Favorite Movie & Update on Nenji

AUSTRALIA! I just absolutely love this movie! We got this movie for my birthday last week and I watched it 5 times already. Unfortunately we had to return the movie after the 5th I'm going to go and buy it! Horay. If you haven't seen it already I highly recommend it. It's full of adventure, romance, and also includes historical facts about the Aboriginie people. I won't give away the movie but here are a few highlights that I thoroughly enjoyed...the kangaroo part and the part where Hugh Jackman (The Drover...he's so attractive in this movie by the way) pours water on cheesy but I love it!

Little Nenji Lo

Nenji's growing everyday. When he sleeps he loves to pose. He comes up with creative poses. He's a pretty good sleeper when he wants to be. He only smiles in his sleep...never when he's awake. So there I am trying to make him smile on the far right. He's got such a cute smile when he does smile. In his daddy's words, "he's a manly man". I love to squeeze his little fingers and toes...and skinny little thighs. :)

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