Monday, March 30, 2009

Nenji's Baby Blessing

Yesterday was Nenji's baby blessing. My in-laws came up on Saturday and stayed over at my parent's house. I love it when people come over because my parents make delicious food! It was seriously Thanksgiving all over again. We had turkey, papaya salad, curry, soup, and some other hmong food for the old folks. It was yummy! Fi Dan blessed Nenji and he did such a good job. He's so cute. He's a great husband and a wonderful dad. I love the way that he's so gentle with my little guy. Sometimes he's distracted by his fish, but for the most part he's doing a wonderful job.

Nenji is getting so big already! He's already 9 lbs and he's almost as long as Madison already! He's as heavy as a rock! I can hardly feed him without my arm getting sore. This week on Wednesday he'll be 5 weeks! And he'll also be getting his shots. I'm really nervous for his shots cause I do not want to see him cry. When he was first born and the nurse had to get blood samples from him, I was so sad for him. She had 5 circles on a piece of paper that she had to fill with blood, and she had to poke his heel to get blood. She kept squeezing and squeezing his little foot and he was screaming! I was so I'm going to make Fi Dan go in with him when he gets his shots!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Nenji's blessing. :)

The Lo Family on Nenji's big day!

A snapshot with the family!

My Little guy is so silly. I put him down and he striked a pose. He's just relaxing.

I just love him. Don't you love his outfit? We bought this shirt just for his blessing :) His daddy dressed him. He's so cute.

He's ready to go shopping with mommy & aunties at the mall. Kashia says he looks like a mountain man. LOL, he's growing!

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  1. Kalia, I am so excited to see that you have a blog now! I just read the whole thing. Nenji is sooooo cute. I can't wait to see him. Don't you just love being a mom! I love his blessing outfit by the way! P.S. This is EmmaLee not Bob!