Monday, April 6, 2009

Poopey Pants!, photos and video

Just to warn you, the following pictures contains poop! Don't look at them if you are easily disgusted. After coming home from General Conference yesterday, Mr. Nenji had not pooped all day. Sometimes I think he likes to save his poop for a big poopey diaper. Well, in his short life he's had plenty of overflowed diapers that were not fun to clean, but not as bad as this one. Also, for a couple of days he made it a habit of poopin' in his towel after he had taken a bath. Fi Dan would be holding him after we took him out of his tub...and then he would feel vibrations from Nenji. When we would put him on the bed...lo and behold there was a pile of poop in the towel! My goodness.

Anyway, going back to yesterday's poopey diaper. This one was the mother load of all poopey diapers yet. I was holding him when he woke up, and then I heard noise coming from his behind. I was just holding him waiting for him to finish....when I felt gushyness from his pant leg. I stuk my hand in his pant leg and my fingers were covered in yellow yuckiness. I'm afraid of what'll come out of him when he gets bigger. I'm not quite sure diapers will do the trick. I'm definetly going to have to potty train him early, as my Aunt Youa suggested. Anyway, once again, I am warning you, if you have a weak stomache or are easily disgusted, skip the poopey diaper pictures and continue with the next ones!

Yuck...he pooped in his new clothes that Fi Dan's cousin had just bought for him.

Close up. I'm actually not that grossed out by his poop anymore...Kashia's right...only mothers would clean their baby's poop and not be grossed out. LOL...that's why I love watching Kashia change poopey diapers because she squirms. I'll have to record her one of these days. It's hallarious.

LOL, this picture was taken after we cleaned his poopey diaper. Nenji doesn't look too happy, but he's still so cute!!!

As promised, I'm posting a picture of Nenji when he's smiling. This is the only picture I have of him smiling. I think he hates the camera or something. Everytime I take it out to take a picture of beautiful smile, he'll stop. But this is the best one I have of him for now. I can't wait until I catch him when he's got his full blown smile!

This is the most recent picture of Nenji Lo. I took it just before I posted this blog. He's napping!
He's getting so big. I just love him.

Here's a video of Nenji smiling. He was smiling bigger before I got the camera, but he's still so cute in this video! Enjoy!


  1. Ewww Lia... I don't remember Lilly with that kind of color poop...and's so messy! Maybe I loved Lilly so much that all those bad, smelly, yucky diaper changing memories washed away. Hopefully that will continue when I have my own babies. Nenji is getting so big and so handsome. I can't wait to see him, Maddy, and Emily. (Oh, yes...can't forget Lilly because she'll be so sad.)

  2. Oh the joy of poopy diapers. He is so adorable, what a sweet little smile. As a little side note I have found that a bar of ivory soap works really well for getting poop out of clothes. Just rub some on and give it a little scrub under cold water. Works like a charm!