Saturday, April 4, 2009


My goodness! Being a mother is craziness. It's Saturday morning and although I would usually be sleeping in, I'm bloggin in stead. My little man woke up at 5 this morning and decided that he would be a fussy wussy. He just wanted to be held...and so I held him for three hours until he wasn't fake sleeping anymore. For the past month I've been feeling a little coo-coo! No sleep. But it's my fault too. During the day instead of napping, my sisters and I decide to take the little ones out to the mall for adventures. We intend to buy new clothes for ourselves, but we always find a way into the baby stores, and then the babies get new clothes. It's quite funny actually. We've gone to the mall twice this week, and to Target, Walmart and IKEA...but no new clothes for the mamas.
Although I am finding that no sleep is driving me insane, I have also discovered that when Nenji smiles (he just started smiling this week...and yes, he does smile when he's awake now) it keeps me sane and it's all worth it. His beautiful smile...with his eyes closed and toothless mouth wide open makes me laugh and makes me forget about the 12, 2, 4 and 6 am feeding. Anyway. I'll have to post up his sweet little smile so you guys can all enjoy it too. I just love being a mommy...and I love sleeping too, so I can't wait until he starts sleeping through the night! :)

Oh...and General Conference is starting right now anyway, so I guess I'll just watch it on the internet!

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