Friday, September 17, 2010

Early Christmas gifts!

Our camera was lost (or stolen, if you asked Fi Dan) during the process of moving. I haven't been able to take pictures of the little ones. Originally, Fi Dan wanted to get one of those hi-tech cameras, with the big old lens. I totally objected to spending that much money, and I knew if I had to haul a huge camera around, I would never use it. I just wanted a small little camera to carry around and have it in hand whenever I needed it. Of course I wanted a nice one too, that would be fast, with good quality. So he went and did research and found an awesome one. We just received it yesterday, and I've been snapping pictures of the boys.
In addition to the new camera, he's wanted a mini-laptop...or whatever they're called. He's using our 2nd room as his study room, and we have the laptop in there. His laptop is pretty big and heavy, and sometimes I take it into the living room to use while the kiddos play. He's worried that I might drop it or something, so he bought me a mini-lap top.
I'm loving my early Christmas gifts, and now I'm so not expecting anything for Christmas. :) Yay for husbands who like to keep up with technology!

Nenji playing. :)

I love his smile!

My Rylan sitting at the edge of the brave!

Love him! I should have wiped his drool first.



  1. Cute pictures! So what camera did you end up getting? I'm also looking into getting a little point-n-shoot because I too hate having to lug around my big camera.

  2. Thanks Thaomee! Fi Dan got us a Sony Digital Still Camera DSC-W350. It's pretty nice. He likes to look online for deals. I believe he got ours on Amazon for a pretty decent price. I like it alot and it gets the job done. :) Hope you are well.