Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Similac Recall...and more!

Last week was a drainer on Fi Dan and me. We usually get Similac formula for Nenji and Rylan because that's what WIC gives us. Anyway, starting last Sunday, we noticed that Nenji was not eating well and that he was having diarrhea. He also started throwing up in the middle of the night. Not good. When Rylan woke up that Monday, he had diarrhea too. I happen to be watching the news (which I don't normally do) and I saw that there was a recall for the Similac formula that Nenji drinks. We immediately took him off of the formula and by the end of the week he was feeling better. Rylan has also gotten better. Rylan's formula wasn't recalled, so we can't figure out why he had diarrhea too! By the end of the week I was a very cranky and tired mommy, but I'm so grateful for Fi Dan because he's such a good daddy and husband. He really hung in there with me, even though he has school, he was up with me every night taking care of the boys. I'm just glad that they've recovered from it, because diarrhea and throw up are not a good combination... especially in the middle of the night.

Another exciting thing that happened last week, Cami, Josue and little Kaleb came over for dinner! Kaleb is so tiny, I forget how tiny newborns are! I'm so excited for Cami and Josue and can tell that they'll make excellent parents! **and I can't believe that I didn't take pictures...or that I didn't even hold Kaleb! No worries, I have many plans on seeing that cutie again.

Today has been rather uneventful, which I am grateful for, but here a few pictures that I took of the boys. I did laundry last night and didn't get to folding it. I left it in the living room and found Nenji laying on it like it was his bed. And to make it more hilarious, he was watching TV. He is such a silly kid.

Rylan is now about 5 months and 1 week. We decided to start him on rice cereal. He's doing really well. I love the way he eats and just thought I'd share it. :)


  1. Lia. OMG I should have called you. They recalled all powdered Similac formulas. :( So sad your boys had diarrhea. They are still so cute. Krew had 2 bottom teeth break through this week. Our boys are getting so big.

  2. Oh cute video of Ry eating rice. Krew loves his rice but he also loves his thumb too...so when we feed him rice it's always, thumb in the mouth and Mommy forcing the spoon in at the same time.

  3. I love how Ry has his hair grow the same as Nenji does. Lol! Just too cute.