Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cornbelly's Pumpkin Patch

Yay! I absolutely love October because it's the month that starts off the holidays and festivities! I bought Nenji, Rylan, and me Halloween shirts and was way excited about wearing them to the pumpkin patch. I wanted to get a shirt for Fi Dan too, but I knew he wouldn't wear it, so it was just me and my babies. Anyhow, we took them to Cornbelly's pumpkin patch yesterday. It's located in Lehi, and it was an awesome pumpkin patch. It was more than the regular field of pumpkins, corn maze, and a couple of hay stacks. This place had it all. It had the usual pumpkin field, cornmaze and hay stacks, but it also had a tractor train, swings, jumper house, a stage where Princesses tell stories, haunted house, etc. It was a really nice day. It was a sunny day, it got a little warm, but it's better than the kids being cold. We rode on the train tractor, and Nenji LOVED it. (His new thing is trains...he loves Thomas the train). Afterwards, we ate and took some pictures. It doesn't seem like we did much, but it felt like we were there the whole day.
While we were there, I saw some kids with the most amazing face paint! I wanted to get in line and get my face painted too. I tried getting Nenji to get his face painted, but he just screamed and cried when we got in line. :( Party pooper. We were there for about 2 hours and the kids were pooped out. They came home and took a nap, and later that night they slept almost the whole night through. :)
I am excited for this Halloween though. Fi Dan, who hardly gets excited about the holidays (before we had kids), has already bought Nenji and Rylan their Halloween costumes. Nenji is going to be Spiderman and Rylan is going to be the ever adoreable Hulk! Can't wait, hopefully we'll get some good pictures. :)

Yay! We were in the Princess tree house! :)

Nenji totally thought he was cool.

My little Farmer Ryaln.

Mr. Farmer Nenji!

Daddy and the boys.
This was the "Chicken Show". There were little chicken puppets
in the cages that would pop out and tell chicken jokes.

Nope, daddy didn't give us a warning.

Inside that monster was a haunted house.
Nenji and Fi Dan went through it.

Ry and daddy on the tractor ride!

Me and Nenji on the tractor train!
He loved it.

Halloween shirts! We had such a good time! I love the holidays! ~

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