Saturday, November 13, 2010

Horay for Wonderful Moms!

My mom came to visit us, here in Provo, for about a week. She got here on a Friday night (November 5th) and then left on a Thursday evening (November 11). It was fantastic to have her her here with us. When my mom walked through the door for the first time, Nenji just froze in place...I believe he was in shock because he couldn't believe she was actually here. Before we came out to Utah, Rylan loved my mom, and it seemed like they picked up right where they left off. Nenji really liked having his tais-tais around. When she would come out of her room or bathroom he would cheer, "YAY" and run to her. Sometimes she'd be in the room, and he'd be playing, but as soon as he remembered that tais-tais was here he'd run to the room and try to knock it down. :)
We didn't do much. Although I ate A LOT! She cooked for us everyday and cleaned and took care of the kids. It was a good thing she was here when she was, because Rylan was really sick and was really needy. And she didn't mind holding him all day long. She's amazing!!! It was the exact break that I needed! I even got to sleep in a little. We did get to get to Danny and Nancy Bird's baby's blessing that Sunday. Their little Helen is so tiny, sweet, and beautiful! That following Tuesday we went to Danny's to have dinner. Yum! Wednesday night my mom made pho and a few of our friends...okay, like all of our friends (we dont' have that many friends, but the ones we do, we love!) Jeanny, Yu, Cami, Josue, Kaleb and Marcel were able to come over and have some pho. And the Rivas family brought some yummy fruit--Ponche...I think it was, over for dessert. :)
Thursday afternoon before she left, we took her to Olive Garden for lunch. Anyway, let's just say it was so very nice to have my mom here. I was sad to take her to the airport, but I'm sure my family back in California were excited to have her back, particularly my dad. (LOL, my dad is too funny, I think he called her every night and told her to go back early). Yup, I love my mom. She's great. :)
Here are a few pictures that we took. When I say a few, I mean it, literally. I've gotten really bad at remembering to take pictrues. :(

Mom took Nenji out to play in his SPIDERMAN pajama pants!

Nenji loves this pink bike. Every time he goes out, he rides it.

This one's a little blurry, but I love Nenji's smile.
Getting ready to go to Danny's house.

I love them!

I know, gross, but my mom and I had a good laugh.
Nenji was totally grossed out and kept yelling...he even tried to pop it.

Nenji and tais-tais after eating at Olive Garden. :)


  1. aweh...I'm glad your mom came to visit you guys. And little Rylan is getting so big...all the little ones are getting so big...I can't wait to see all of you at Christmas. (when are you and FiDan planning to head back home?....I'll be home Dec 23-Jan 5...and actually a short visit to Utah too for 3 days)

  2. Rylan is huge! Love Moms too. Love your boys.

  3. Your mom was telling us about her trip there. She already misses you all. :) But Nenji is so cute about cheering for Grandma. And Rylan!!! He's gotten so big! He was so little when you all left. They grow too fast!