Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3 1/2 nights of Halloween fun!

Halloween this year was pretty busy! Nenji had 3 1/2 nights of Halloween. Fi Dan bought the boys' costumes like a month early so that they could get used to wearing them. After weeks of wearing their costumes (Nenji in particular), and days of practicing saying "Trick or Treat", Halloween was finally here! On Thursday night, BYU had a Halloween festival that we took the boys to. Nenji went last year, but he was too young to do anything. This year, he had fun. He "fished" and got candy...and then he played game that was kind of like musical chair, except for you just walk on numbers, and he won more candy. There was a huge blow up slide but Nenji was too scared to go on it. They also had face painting, but he was scared of that too. We stayed for only a little bit and then left.

Thursday night, before we went to BYU campus. My superheros!
Spiderman, Super-daddy, and Mr. Hulk!

Mommy and Nenji playing golf....and getting candy!

My little Hulk!

Friday night was our Ward Halloween Party. We went and had some delicious chili. They had a chili competition. Nenji once again fished while Rylan sat and watched. Again, he got more candy. I love living here in Provo, on BYU campus, because grown ups dress up! Here are some pictures.

I didn't have a Halloween costume this year, so I just wore my
Halloween shirt and put leaves in my hair...I'm what I like to call:
"The Spirit of Halloween". :)

"Happy Halloween!"

I saw him walking down the hall and HAD to take a picture with him!
Can't wait for Harry Potter VI !!!!!

On the third night, we went over to my cousin's house to trick or treat. When we got there it was lightly raining, but by the time we were ready to go out, it was pouring. We noticed that there were no trick-or-treaters out at all. We went to two houses and then came back home because it was just raining too hard! Plus, Nenji was getting a nasty cough.

Brayden, Ariya, Nenji, and Sueyen

On Sunday, Halloween night, Nenji wanted to dress up in his Spider man costume. So we just let him play around the house with his costume on for a few hours. I tried taking it off a couple of times and he would run away or cry. So we didn't really do anything, but Nenji did dress up...so that counts as 1/2. **Nenji now knows how to "candy" and wants to eat a piece of candy everyday. Oh, no.

Nenji on Halloween night, dressed up as Spidyman yet again...
but no trick-or-treating.


  1. I love your little super heros. Where is Fi Dan's costume???

  2. I am pretty sure you have the cutest babies ever. Nenji looks perfect in his spiderman costume!