Sunday, November 28, 2010


This year was the first year that I was away from my family for Thanksgiving. It was a little sad, but I'm glad we didn't have to do the 12 hour drive. This year we just stayed home and hung out. Fi Dan was able to stay home for most of the week, so it was wonderful spending time with him. We went to my cousin's house (Mai Kou), who lives in Orem. She prepared a fantastic Thanksgiving meal, and she packed a good amount for us! On Friday we went shopping, Black Friday. We were able to get a few things for the kiddos.

They survived their first Black Friday!

Today we woke up for church and found a beautiful snow covered Provo. I love it when it first snows, but after a few weeks, the snow gets slushy, ugly, and grayish black...then I don't like it so much! :) Overall, it was a good Thanksgiving week/weekend.

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