Friday, April 26, 2013

Hooray dady's home....and Hospital Deja Vu

So remember about 4 years ago when my Nenji was almost 3 months old and was hospitalized? And I wrote a whole blog about what happened? Well, my poor little Spencer was also hospitalized this past weekend. He didn't have Kawasaki Syndrome like Nenji, but it was still pretty bad. I've come to realize and accept that little babies will get sick...ESPECIALLY if their older brothers are Nenji and Rylan because they can't keep their little kisses, hands, sneezes and coughs away from Spencer! Since Spencer has been born he has gotten sick 4 times already! That averages about once a month. Grr! Every time he has gotten sick, he has had a fever, a nasty little cough, and some wheezing. Every time we've gone in to see the Doctor, it's just the same thing...Tylenol to keep him comfortable and his inhaler every 4 hours (I know sad, but he probably has asthma cause his dad does).

This time, Spencer got sick the night before his dad came home. He had a really high fever. In the morning he still wasn't feeling well so I knew we couldn't go to pick Fi Dan up from San Francisco airport! I was so bummed, I had been waiting 4 months for this very moment. And I had played it in my head over and over again how we were going to run to each other like in the movies. ;) So my dad and the boys ended up going instead. I took little Spencer to the Doctor and they just suggested the same thing. (This was Wednesday).

The next day was Thursday, which was Ry's birthday. We couldn't do much because Spencer was still super sick and had a really high fever still. We just had the missionaries over and did a little celebration for Ry's birthday, and we promised him that we would take him to Chuckee Cheese tomorrow.

Friday morning rolls around and my little peanut was still in pretty bad shape, plus I noticed he was working really hard to breath. To shorten the story up we ended up going to the ER twice. The second time they transferred us over to the Pediatric Ward where we stayed for 4 days and little Spencer was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis . Now he's almost all better. We had a follow up appointment yesterday and then another one this coming  Monday...........and then next Wednesday night (May 1st) we're off to the Caribbean! And I still have Ry's birthday part to execute tomorrow and a ton of packing to do!

We are so happy that daddy is home now, but I feel soooo bad because his two week vacation has turned into some what of a nightmare. None the less, I am so happy my little family is back together.  I am also just so grateful that Heavenly Father heard our prayers and that my little Spencer is back home! :)

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