Friday, April 26, 2013

Reasons Why My Ry-Bug Cries

Recently I read about a dad who took pictures of his son every time he cried and then labeled the pictures explaining why he cried. I thought it was brilliant! I laughed so hard because I could totally relate to that dad. Rylan has a silly sense of humor and it carries over to reasons why he cries. So instead of wanting to cry myself every time Ry throws a tantrum, I've been taking pictures of my Ry and writing down why he cries. Some of the reasons are hilarious! And it really helps me get through the day. Here are just a few reasons why Rylan cries.

We got McDonalds for breakfast...he didn't like it that his Sausage Mcbiscuit
 came with a biscuit ...AND it didn't come with a toy. 

 I asked him to finish his he ran around the kitchen screaming and crying.

He just ate some candy and wanted me to brush his teeth before they turned black....
but I was in the middle of feeding and changing Spencer. 

 I don't even remember why he was crying.

He wanted to watch youtube instead of a Disney movie. 

Someday I'm sure Rylan will be mad at me for posting up these pictures, but at least it will be well documented and if his humor is anything like mine, he'll appreciate it and even have a good laugh. :)


  1. What a great idea! I think this will help keep me sane with Christian :)

  2. Oh what a wonderful idea. I think we should start blogging Bella crying as well. LOL. Rylan is such a cutie!

  3. LOL, I know right Lindsey and Lisa! It keeps life entertaining! :)