Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Nativity Making Day

There were about 5 families that stayed here on the island during the Holiday Season. So ladies and I decided that we need to get together and do things! One of the things that we did was make Christmas Nativity Sets! This was actually something that I really wanted to do and I saw something similar on Pinterest, but couldn't find the right materials to do it. So I thought maybe we could make it out of drift wood. It turned out GREAT! It was so much fun. 
Here's Charlotte sawing some wood for us. She was awesome!

Taran making a dirft wood wreath. 

Creative juices running!

Our finished products. Love it!

I went home and decided that my Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus needed a stable. So I made one out of more drift wood and some palm tree parts. Then I had the brilliant idea of making a sand dollar the star! I love that it looks like it's shining! :)

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  1. aweh. a navitivity that will can be kept forever, and the memories of your christmas in the DR!