Sunday, January 26, 2014

Indian River Hike

A few days after Christmas, we decided to go on a hike called The Indian River Hike. This hike was Crazy!!! We went with our friends Charlotte and her kiddos, and the Sachek Family. We had fun but it was SO muddy. And then it started to rain while we were hiking. Nenji's shoe got stuck in the mud and Rylan slipped like 20 times. Good memories though. Oh, and this river is actually where they shot a part of Pirates of the Caribbean (Dead man's Chest). I think it's where Calisto lived. Yup, pretty cool. 

Going into the jungle. 

As you can see, the trees had these crazy roots that were twisted like snakes! It made it really hard to walk.

Almost there!

We MADE it!

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