Saturday, January 18, 2014

New House!

 So we moved to a new house during the Christmas break! The family who lived here before us were members of the church. My first semester here Kasie invited me over and I thought to myself, I NEED to live here! Even though it was deathly hot and humid, the house had a really nice breeze and I just liked the setting. I told Fi Dan that we needed to live there. We didn't really think anything about it but now that we will be living here for another year, we thought this would be a good location for our family!

We absolute love it here so far! We right across the street from the school and Main Gate. We live on the 2nd floor and we have great neighbors downstairs! Ok, they are actually our friends from church, but they are great! We get the most fantastic breeze coming through the house. And Fi Ddan studies like 1 minutes away from the house! It's pretty great. 

The ONLY thing is that we've seen our first centipede here! YIKES!!!!!! It was HUGE by the way. I was so scared that I threw a binder at it and completely missed. And then we had to wait for it to come out again. A few minutes later I saw it crawling on the wall. AH! I almost died. Fi Dan tried to kill it and missed it. So I sprayed the cracks and it came out and was squirming around and it was just GROSS! 

That was a few weeks ago...and just yesterday I killed a huge cockroach! It was scary. Fi Dan was studying and trust me, I was screaming my head off every time I smacked it with fly swatter. Eeek! And I did spray the heck out of with some BOP (insecticide). Besides those two gross incidences, we love the house! 

Back porch view! And that's our washer. 

Another view. 

I have to admit...I am starting to really like this place. :)

View from our front porch. That's the school!

OH, and the centipede! AH! Just looking this picture makes me want to just grab my BOP bottle. Yuck. 

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