Saturday, April 19, 2014

April 2014 Spouse's Banquet

There is a Spouse Banquet every semester. I think it's a great idea. We celebrate the spouses who are in their last semester and will be moving on. This year's theme was Disco 70's. I had nothing 70's, so I just got dressed up. None the less it was a fabulous night! I love my island friends so much! 

I was VERY excited because they had face painting at the banquet. I am telling you, this lady that does the face painting is AMAZING! She is the same person that everyone hires when they have a kid's birthday party. She is the one that painted Rylan and Nenji's faces for their birthday party. I've always wanted to get in line with the kids to get my face painted, but I know everyone would think I'm crazy! So this night, I made sure I got in line to get my face painted. I know, I am silly, but I felt so pretty! 

Tai, Whitney, and me!

Island girl! Love my peacock face painting!

I realllllly love these girls! Amber and Whitney.

Close up. 

The island has the best natural background ever!
Amber, Kate, me, Whitney

The Ross Spouse Organization April 2014

Fun times!

Bon Fire!

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