Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little Home Body

This is my little home body child.
Whenever we go out as a family, he is begging to stay home. Today the family was going out to the store. Nobody was going to be staying home with him and he didn't want to go with us. So he starting crying and complaining. 

"Why must I go with you? Just leave me home! I don't want to go!"

Here he was peeping out the window at us.

And here again peeping out at me as I was walking away. 

Finally he came out of the house. 
And I finally got him to get in the car. LOL.
Oh Ry, never a boring day with you. 


  1. OMG that is Joyce too!!! She hates going out and especially shopping with me. One day we were running late and I needed her to put her shoes on so we can take Maddy to school. She was throwing a tantrum and suggested that I should just put on Netflix and she can stay home and watch tv while I send Maddy to school .